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Hello! My name is Tedd and I am the owner of this domain, the administrator of this website, and the creator of these webpages. I've been known to 'tinker' with computers for about 30 years now. First I was taking them apart and putting them back together, trying to make them run faster any way I could. Next I found myself employed in the Information Technology industry, where I learned about networking, servers, mobile devices, and much more. One weekend I decided to try and teach myself html, so I completely revamped the website for company I was currently working for. Then shortly after, the economy crashed and I found myself unemployed, which went on for 2 years. But revamping that website just sparked a fire inside me to try more web development. I started creating webpages just for my use at home, building menus to easily access my media from my library. Now I'm expadning my web development knowledge by taking college courses. Hoping that soon, maybe I can get my foot in the door, doing web development as my career.

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